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After last week’s exhaustion (current fitness means two rides in three days ends that way), I rested this past weekend. However, with the Rapha #myhour challenge on-going I needed to hit the goal before I fly out to WWDC on Saturday. So I decided to head to The Velo Café’s mid-week ride after a day working from home.

A truly glorious Summer evening made it a fantastic time to be out on the bike - golden sunlight gradually falling over the Steyning Concrete Works as we rounded back to Brighton for a bowl of well-earned pasta. With two 10KM stretches to and from Brighton, and then the 40KM ride itself, it wasn’t quite my longest ever - but it felt better than any other. Hitting much-frequented routes in the opposite direction, and finding them easier than the elevation would have previously suggested provided a huge morale boost as I headed home in the darkness.

I have to admit that I found riding back at 10PM rather enjoyable. Temperate, minimal wind, sparing mist and lights on full-beam it evoked the sight of an aeroplane wing with its navigation lights facing into the night sky.

In all, a hugely tiring but satisfying effort. There’s no better feeling.